The Last Magician, Lisa Maxwell

source: Goodreads Info: Publication date: 18th July 2017 Pages: 500 Hardcover Genre: fantasy Synopsis: Esta can travel through time and she's good at stealing. Her abilities will be of vital importance for the well being of the few remaining Mageus, people who can still do magic. Her most important job is to travel to 1902 … Continue reading The Last Magician, Lisa Maxwell


The One, John Marrs

source: Goodreads Info: Publication date: 20th February 2017 Pages: 412 Hardcover Genre: thriller Synopsis: What if with one simple DNA test you could find your soulmate? What if the happy ending is not a swipe away? But a moth swab closer to a disaster. Characters: Mandy, Olivia, Christopher, Jade, Kevin, Nick, Sumaira, Sally, Deepak, Ellie, … Continue reading The One, John Marrs